Practice Speaking Out Loud to Master English


As a foreign student learning English I’ve found one of the best ways to master the language is to continuously test myself. Whether you’re preparing for the TOEFL or just starting to speak English, you can may benefit from some tips. I go over varying techniques in my head everyday and at every opportunity. I take advantage of the time I have when I go for a walk, jog or perform other everyday tasks.

It helps. Believe me. The more you think about the English language and practice it, the better you become at speaking it, writing it and comprehending other speakers. For instance, you may want to just ask yourself simple questions like, “What do you like to drink?” then answer it and explaining why. Another question to ask yourself in your head is “What did you do yesterday?” You can then explain your whole day back to yourself, focusing on the flow and logic of your answer.

You may want to start out asking yourself questions that only require a one-word answer. Then as you gradually improve, try asking yourself questions that require you to explain something in English. This helps you to sort through your answer by preparing a mental outline of what to say and then practicing your answer in English.

In other words, try to constantly test yourself by speaking the answer to all sorts of questions out loud, rather than in your head. You may even want to consider reciting directions to yourself. This not only helps you become familiar with the area you live, but can also helps you comprehend maps, critical thinking and more in English.

Try it for yourself. Ask yourself mental questions daily. Over time you will find yourself mastering basic English skills you never thought possible. Start today.