Young People Enjoy Life in New York City

Thousands of students flock to New York City every year to live, to study, and to experience life. ESL student experiences are enriched with exposure to art, culture, media, entertainment, and more! One of the biggest obstacles many young people have to deal with when living in New York City is making it all work on a tight budget. There are a few tips that will ensure your experience is fun, memorable, and as cost effective as possible.

Eating: Food in New York is great, and the variety is unbeatable. You can literally find any type of food you might want with local specialties and custom dishes. There are a number of eating guides that can point you in the right direction. You don’t always get what you pay for and paying less isn’t always worse. If you look closely, there are probably $1 falafels or $2 tacos right in your neighborhood!

Transportation: New York City is a dense and highly populated area that has developed and maintained an elaborate subway system. With a trusty map in hand, you can get just about anywhere you want to go for cheap. If you are an ESL student and use the system regularly, you may want to invest in a subway pass. Don’t forget that there are other, even more affordable options as well. Walking in Manhattan is convenient, and biking through Central Park is a beautiful way to get around.

Entertainment: There are a number of local magazines that keep track of entertainment in the city. Bands, movies, plays, films, museum events, and other attractions are constantly coming to town. Find great shows with discount ticket services. Many of the museums in town also operate without a standard entrance fee.

There are other students in your classes that are either from this city or have been here for a little while. Talk to another ESL student in your class to learn more about how you can enjoy New York City on a tight budget. Their experiences can help you find the best resources in town!

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