Getting Comfortable with Conversation Starters

As an ESL student, being able to begin a conversation is a major part of the learning process. For native English speakers, starting a conversation is a simple task.This can be problematic for ESL students who are learning how to start conversations while still attempting to master the English language.

Conversation starters can be thrown into discussion almost anytime during the day, so long as there is someone there to return the dialogue. For the most part, no one begins conversations these days with, “Hello. What’s your name?” Instead, if you are playing in the park with your dog one day, you could ask someone around you: “What type of dog is that?”

Everyday interaction conversation starters are good to use while waiting for a bus, waiting in line at the bank, or standing in line at the grocery store deli. It can be overwhelming to strike up a conversation with a stranger when you are learning a new language. Practicing this activity in the classroom can boost one’s self confidence in their ability to start a conversation in public situations.

Learning English becomes much easier if you are able to converse in the language daily. The conversations outlined in this post can be played out in the classroom for practice amongst peers before being tried out in the real world. Doing this in a comfortable classroom environment can help you gain the confidence you need to strike up a conversation with a stranger. Just simply sit at your desk and start one-on-one conversations with the other students. It’s an easy way to get experience with talking to others and build confidence in your ability to speak in public using English.

When using conversation starters, be sure to emphasize the proper grammar you have been learning and keep eye contact throughout the conversation.Putting yourself into a comfortable scenario can make the process incredibly easy and allow you to be more confident in your abilities.

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