Best Online ESL Resources for Teachers

Teachers can have a lifelong impact on the students they teach, no matter the subject. One of the most difficult subjects to teach is English as a Second Language (ESL). The internet is the ideal place to search for teachers who specialize in ESL. There are many resources available for teachers to take advantage of online, including sites that help with lesson planning and job opportunities.

Teach English Overseas, found at, is for prospective teachers. This site can help people looking for jobs find information on how they can teach English as a second language in various countries. Teachers can request information packets about the jobs available overseas and review the coursework provided to them.

Another excellent online resource is Handouts Online, found at Using handouts in the classroom allows students to get closer to the lesson being taught and gives them the ability to collaborate together. This site provides teachers with hundreds of different ESL worksheets that can be used for lessons or homework.

The Online Writing Lab at Purdue is another superb resource on the Internet. It contains all types of handouts and different project ideas for creating lessons. All of the information and resources found on OWL is free of charge, and there are items on the site for writing, reading, and speaking English.

Lesson Plans and Resources for ESL, Bilingual, and Foreign Language Teachers, can be found at Operated by Marty Levine, a Professor Emeritus within the Department of Secondary Education at California State University at Northridge, this website has links to lesson plan resources for ESL teachers along with contact information for Levine if you have any questions.

This is not an exhaustive list of online resources for ESL teachers, but one that still offers some help for those entering the field.

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