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When you want to learn English, a simple book with individual study won't cut it. The ESL courses at the American Language Communication Center (ALCC) in New York are structured to help students become proficient at communicating in English. This is done through hands-on classes and a dedicated teaching and support team that wants to help each student achieve success. In short, every class is designed with you and your goals in mind.

Practical English - Master Speaking

With spoken English as the focus, students within the practical English program are immersed in the language and culture of America from day one. The city itself serves as an amazing backdrop for learning and practice, and our carefully developed and curated texts are chosen to reinforce and teach concepts that will help with communication in daily life as well as a professional setting.

Students will start by working with an ALCC interviewer to determine placement at the proper level. Basic levels push accurate pronunciation through conversational activities. As the levels progress, students will continue through immersion, but take on more commonly used idioms to better express thoughts and opinions. Once each level of the program is completed, a certificate is awarded, and once graduated, students have an expansive vocabulary and stand confident in their skills and abilities.

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TOEFL Preparation Classes - TOEFL iBT

As advancement happens through our program, many students find themselves interested in obtaining a college or university education stateside. TOEFL preparation classes allow you to achieve the score you need for success. There are four skills required to master the test including writing, reading, speaking, and listening. We believe in each student's success.

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At ALCC, we strive to offer courses that are both interesting and practical. ESL writing classes, for instance, hone in on grammar and practical writing techniques. Additionally, our conversation program serves as a complement to the basic ESL courses and builds confidence in speech by replicating common everyday situations as a way to practice and master skills. Another elective, American Literature, helps students explore American social and cultural concepts through literature. This serves as a firm foundation for college level studies within the states and is often taken by those enrolled in our TOEFL preparation program.

Business English as well as pronunciation and accent reduction courses are designed for the most advanced students. These courses give students insight into the day-to-day spoken American English that is a mainstay within the city's financial and retail districts, as well as throughout the United States. Our programs keep a global worldview, yet tailor studies to the school's geographic location. There is so much to learn, and our staff is eager to be part of the process!


This ESL writing course complements our ESL courses. Our experienced ESL writing teachers will guide the students through grammar, vocabulary and practical topic related activities necessary to produce sentences, paragraphs and essays. Activities will also include writing projects.

Every student is given a written test prior to placement.

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Conversation Program

Designed for those wishing to complement the skills learned in our Master Speaking ESL courses, this course is focused on furthering conversation skills. We make use of real situations and uses “live language.” This will give the student confidence in using his/her newly acquired English language skills on a daily basis. Improve English language skills used in everyday life!

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American Literature

This ESL course elective introduces the student to authentic American short stories, both classical and modern. You will be given a good foundation for college level study as well as an opportunity to explore interesting and significant cultural, social and literary concepts. Class activities will include reading, discussion, writing, vocabulary development, and critical thinking skills.

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Business English

Study Business English in the business capital of the world — NYC! Just like all of our ESL courses, this business program takes full advantage of our unique location.

This ESL course is ideal for students who want to develop the English language skills needed to communicate effectively in the exciting world of business.

ALCC's Business English class focuses on and introduces the language associated with the global nature of business in areas such as customer service, team building, job satisfaction, building relationships — among others. Increase your business English vocabulary and put it to practice in topic related presentations, mock debates, and written exercises as well as simulated business meetings.

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Pronunciation and Accent Reduction

This ESL course elective, which complements our other ESL courses, aims to help you speak more like an American and understand day-to-day, spoken American English. It covers all areas of pronunciation and accent reduction, including linking, pausing, stress, and intonation. Class activities include oral practice and listening.

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With ongoing enrollment and frequent class starts, there is always a good time to begin learning English with ALCC American Language. Classes are held 12 months a year. Our flexible schedules allow students to choose courses to fit their individual needs. Classes are held during the week or on weekends - mornings, afternoons, or evenings. View our schedules and fees page for more information on student visa requirements, course selection, and programs. We maintain flexible times and central New York City locations to allow you to work or have a strong family life even during your schooling.

Schedule for Students on the F-1 Visa

Students with the F-1 Visa have the flexibility to study during the week — Monday through Friday — or they can choose from a number of weekday and weekend programs. Any combination of classes can be taken as long as they add up to a minimum of 18 hours of study per week. Refer to our Schedules and Fees to choose your best class schedule.

Regular Student Schedule

These students can tailor their course selection to meet their specific learning and schedule requirements. There are no minimum class hours or special course requirements for these students.

Refer to our Schedules and Fees to choose your best class schedule.

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